Thursday, December 22, 2011 – 10:00 a.m.

Once again San Bernardino County can’t line up its stories.

Or should we just say lies?

Yes, the geographically largest county in the lower forty-eight states is once again caught in another deception.

The whole flap involves the county’s announcement that it will be holding its annual “State of the County” event at the Million Air terminal, located at the embattled San Bernardino International Airport.

An operation run by convicted felon and Million Air franchisee Scot Spencer.

The same Spencer the Airport Authority is trying to disassociate itself from.

The same Spencer who, along with several current and former airport officials, is the target of a federal investigation.

So far, Spencer has been evicted from all of his operations at the former Norton Air Force Base, with the exception of the Million Air Terminal and the aircraft fueling operation.

The county scheduling its event at the facility has drawn criticism and scrutiny from one county supervisor and the local press.

Interestingly, supervisor and board chairperson Josie Gonzales says she absolutely wanted the event at Million Air.

But, County press guy David Wert says the county couldn’t find any other location for the February 29 event.

So which story is the truth and which is the lie?

What? The event has to be held on the leap year date?

Wert also says the county needs to support the facility.

What? Maybe all those attendees will be flying in on private jets?

Anyways, one would think people would learn from the past.