An artist’s rendering shows the Howard Industrial Partners project that features an 809,000 square foot warehouse and preserves the historic palm rows.


Published: 17 December 2011 08:04 PM

The developer of a proposed 809,000-square-foot distribution center in north Redlands pledged to bring the city an environmentally sound, solar-panel ready and attractively landscaped building — and to preserve the north Redlands palm rows that are iconic to the city.

Tim Howard, of Howard Industrial Partners, told members of the Redlands Planning Commission that his goal in constructing the huge warehouse is for it to be as attractive as possible.

“I’m not in this business to cut a corner,” Howard said. “I know I will continue to do business in Redlands for some time to come.”

The huge building is planned for Palmetto Avenue between Nevada and California streets, on the site of a city-owned citrus grove that Redlands will sell to the developer.

Planning Commissioner Carol Dyer expressed concern about the relatively small setback — 30 feet — between Palmetto and the building.

“I understand that’s my showcase, and it also is the corporate front for my customer, my tenant,” Howard said. “When we’re finished, my intent is that this project is one that the commission points to as an example as how to make a 30-foot setback work.”

The building will have a roof strong enough to support a future array of solar panels, and the wiring and control rooms that a solar installation would require, he said. It also will have a compressed natural gas fueling station, which a tenant could use for a fleet of trucks and to power equipment that will be used inside the warehouse.

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