The aircraft that Scot Spencer put up for collateral for a $550,000 loan from San Bernardino International Airport as part of a hastily agreed upon legal settlement, is worthless according to the San Bernardino County assessor. Now the plane has been booted by the county tax collector’s office.(STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER/KIMBERLY PIERCEALL)


Published: 08 December 2011 04:39 PM

The San Bernardino County tax collector has seized a Boeing aircraft belonging to SBD Aircraft Services Inc. at San Bernardino International Airport after the business failed to pay more than $17,000 in taxes.

Scot Spencer, manager of SBD Aircraft Services, who was awarded two agreements in 2007 to build a passenger terminal and private pilot hub at the airport, has been the focus of an FBI-led investigation into wrongdoing at the airport and a civil grand jury report highly critical of his role there.

On Tuesday, the San Bernardino County auditor-controller/treasurer/tax collector placed a boot on the wheel of the aircraft, similar to ones placed on cars with unpaid traffic tickets. If the county isn’t paid the $17,141.69 it’s owed in property taxes from 2009 and 2010, the tax collector will consider selling it, said Matt Brown, assistant auditor-controller/treasurer/tax collector, in an email.

“This seizure is part of an ongoing effort to collect delinquent property taxes owed by various companies managed by Scot Spencer at the San Bernardino International Airport,” Brown said. Spencer’s related companies owe more than $544,000 in property taxes.

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