Scot Spencer


Published: 01 December 2011 04:11 PM

The developer of San Bernardino International Airport will no longer be overseeing the airport’s development after $4 million worth of construction work stacked up without being paid.

Scot Spencer, the manager of the development companies, has recently been the focus of an FBI-led investigation looking into evidence of bribery, fraud and money laundering at the airport at the former Norton Air Force Base.

Members of the Inland Valley Development Agency, a public agency made up of elected officials from San Bernardino County’s east valley that has been funding the construction and operations of the airport, voted Wednesday evening to take over construction at the airport from Spencer. The move will allow the agency to pay for construction work directly. Spencer had been responsible for filing invoices and bills with the agency so subcontractors could get paid for work.

Recently $4 million worth of work hadn’t been paid for because invoices weren’t filed in time. The agency also didn’t have the money to pay the amounts owed until Wednesday’s vote, said A.J. Wilson, the IVDA’s interim executive director.

The agency voted to pay for the work that had been completed on a three-story U.S. Customs building, a flight kitchen and cargo building for airlines and an improvement to a hangar that was made to fit Boeing’s large 747-8 freighter aircraft while it was being tested there.

Spencer was awarded two no-bid agreements in 2007 to build a passenger terminal and a luxury private aircraft hub among other airport features including the Customs building. The total cost had grown from an initial $45 million to $142.5 million. That amount grew again by about $4 million on Wednesday.

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