Friday, December 2, 2011 – 10:30 a.m.

The entertainment is picking up in the election for San Bernardino County Third District Supervisor.

The latest out there is ousted supervisor Dennis Hansberger is holding an event for Casino Boss James Ramos who is seeking to unseat Supervisor Neil Derry.

The location? The Hansberger Plantation up on the hill in Southeast Redlands.

Yes, Hansberger in his mission to exact revenge against Derry for defeating him in 2008, endorsed Ramos early.

A guy who most-likely can’t garner anywhere near fifty-percent of the vote in a Third District even more conservative since redistricting.

The fundraiser is the first sign of Hansberger, who has been squirreled away in a hole somewhere, ever since federal agents raided the San Bernardino International Airport Authority.

Hansberger was a mover and shaker on the authorities board for 12 years, ending in December 2008.

Maybe Ramos can sing another one of his bird songs for the fundraiser attendees.

If Ramos only really knew what people are saying.