Published: 18 November 2011 08:23 AM

Two former San Jacinto City Council members were sentenced Friday to 120 days of weekend work release for their money-laundering roles in the San Jacinto corruption case.

John R. Mansperger and Jimmie Dale Stubblefield Jr. were sentenced along with businessmen Byron Jerry Ellison Sr. and Scott Shaull, leaving only two of the nine defendants still facing charges in the case.

Former council member James Potts and developer Robert Osborne face trial Jan. 17. They rejected plea-bargain offers.

Defendants in the San Jacinto corruption probe

Meanwhile, jail and court records Friday show James Ayres, one of the first defendants sentenced in the case, was released Nov. 9.

He had received a one-year sentence Aug. 12. Ayres was ordered to report to county probation officers by Wednesday to sign up for house arrest on the remainder of his sentence.

The case unfolded in November 2009 when a 155-count indictment was filed. Four of those charged were San Jacinto City Council members at the time.

The indictment alleged a years-long corruption scheme between developers and elected officials in the city and included charges of bribery and campaign money laundering that extended from city council elections and votes to a 2006 state Assembly race.

Defendants, prosecutors said, bypassed California campaign election laws. On the Assembly race, they contributed past their maximum allowable donations by funneling money to a web of political allies, relatives and business associates, who would then contribute in either their name or the name of a business.

In local elections, where there were no donation limits, contributors used third parties to hide the true source of the funds and avoid the appearance of undue influence.

Bribery took place when Shaull bought Ayres’ house for tens of thousands of dollars above market value, and others paid for improvements on Ayres’ new home.

Investigators said developer Stephen Holgate was the source of hundreds of thousands of dollars in illicit money that found its way into politicians’ hands. Holgate has pleaded guilty to his role and is serving a 9-month jail sentence.

Mansperger funneled thousands of dollars in illegal campaign contributions to friends and relatives. They falsely claimed the money came from them and lied to a grand jury about their role in the money laundering scheme.

Six of those who received the money were charged in a separate case, and all have since pleaded guilty to misdemeanors and have been sentenced.

Among those six defendants were Mansperger’s wife, Shanda Lynn; Mansperger’s sister and her husband; and Mansperger’s nephew.

Deputy District Attorney Abbie Marsh said Friday that John Mansperger betrayed “not just the voters, but his own family and employees he brought into this tangled web.”

Mansperger, who runs a family-business tow service and recycling yard in San Jacinto, said through his attorney he would never again seek public office.

Riverside County Superior Court Judge Michele Levine said Mansperger’s actions were “not just misguided, but criminal.”

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