Published: 15 November 2011 06:40 PM

San Bernardino County supervisors clashed Tuesday over how to split funds that help supplement their staffing costs.

The proposal centered over a relatively small amount of money $214,257 a year but led to a drawn-out debate between Board Chairwoman Josie Gonzales and Supervisor Brad Mitzelfelt over whether his district deserved more resources due to its size.

The board ultimately voted 3-2, with Mitzelfelt and Supervisor Neil Derry opposed, to split the money using a formula that gives more weight to the population of unincorporated residents in each district instead of the size of the district.

“That’s the worst possible scenario,” Mitzelfelt said.

The funds historically had gone to the Mitzelfelt’s 1st District due to its size but he agreed earlier this year to consider splitting some of the funds due to a redistricting plan that moved part of the High Desert into the 3rd District, represented by Derry.

He said the proposal brought back before the board by County Chief Executive Officer Greg Devereaux which outlined two different options was not what had been discussed previously.

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