Tuesday, November 15, 2011 – 11:45 a.m.

Does San Bernardino County really have a budget dilemma?

From the looks of things the answer is no.

County supervisors are receiving a first quarter budget update this morning, courtesy of the county administrative office.

The most glaring figure? The change in full-time positions.

The county added 235 full-time positions last quarter.

However, 189 position were probation officers paid for by state prison realignment funds, and 46 positions were added to the county social services arm and paid for by federal dollars.

But, more importantly is the number of department positions cut to address budget issues.

Guess how many?

A paltry 57 positions were cut.

A de minimis amount considering the county employs some 19,000 people.

The county is also sporting a $9 million one-time discretionary fund balance and also added to its general fund reserves this year.

One has to wonder what the situation really is.

At this point it’s hard to guess.

Record low interest rates and a stagnant stock market cannot be helping the county pension fund in any measurable way.