The firefighters’ union vows not to accept a pay cut and San Bernardino may impose its final offer


Published: 11 November 2011 06:55 PM

San Bernardino and its firefighters are at a contract impasse after the union vowed not to accept a pay cut.

The City Council on Dec. 5 is expected to consider imposing a last, best and final offer. It would reduce firefighters’ pay by $1,076 a month after taxes, continue a two-tier retirement-contribution system that would affect new hires and impose rules regarding discipline and performance on firefighters, according to a city staff report.

A firefighter can make $84,756 a year in base pay, or with promotion to engineer, as much as $94,644 annually in base pay.

The city is attempting to cut firefighters’ pay 10 percent to save $1.6 million for the 2011-12 fiscal year. Irma Rodriguez Moisa, the attorney representing the city in negotiations, said that all other bargaining groups have accepted a 10 percent pay cut.

An impasse hearing is scheduled for the Dec. 5 meeting in which attorneys for both sides would have the opportunity to present their arguments to the council. Council members would then decide either to impose the offer on firefighters for 2011-12 or instruct Moisa to change the offer.

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