Incumbent Steve Adams wins Ward 7 runoff against challenger John Brandriff

Published: 08 November 2011 06:02 PM

Supporters of Riverside’s library tax renewal were excited by the victory of Measure I, which easily met the two-thirds threshold to pass.

According to final unofficial results, the measure finished with a lopsided lead.

“In this (economic) environment, that’s really pretty exciting,” said Susan Rainey, who chaired the Measure I campaign.

The library tax took an early lead with absentee ballots and hung on as precinct results came in. With low turnout expected at the polls, Rainey said, “We knew that the absentee ballots were going be crucial for us.”

Voters in Ward 7 also returned Councilman Steve Adams to office rather than choosing challenger John Brandriff.

“I think it looks good,” Adams said of the results earlier Tuesday, but he declined to elaborate before all ballots were counted.

Measure I, the library tax, is a 10-year renewal of a $19 per year parcel tax that pays for library staffing and programs. As library funding has been cut during several years of tight budgets, the $1.3 million a year brought in by the tax has grown to nearly a quarter of the library’s budget.

The measure did even better than indicated by polling and phone calls to voters, even in a poor economy, Rainey said.

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