Sandra Emerson, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin
Created: 11/06/2011 05:53:46 PM PST

RIVERSIDE – After nearly an hour and a half of group discussion in the human microphone fashion, members of several Occupy Wall Street movements in the Inland Empire raised their hands, wiggled their fingers and a consensus was reached – a committee will be formed to propose future activities bringing all their movements together.

The group, which included members from movements in Riverside, Redlands, Fontana and Victorville, met in downtown Riverside on Sunday to hold their first general assembly representing all of the Occupy movements throughout the region.

“I think when we first formulated the meeting it was more of just an exploratory meeting and it’s actually gotten more done than that even,” said Sean McDuffee, one of the founders of the Occupy Redlands movement. “I think the goal was to explore and to see the intentions that the other occupies had in combining resources and efforts.”

The committee will propose ideas for group demonstrations or protests at each movement’s general assemblies.

“I suppose if I was going to speculate, and this is purely speculation – I think what we’re looking at is a centralized occupy zone or location and individual occupies to continue to function with their own demonstrations or protests,” McDuffee said.

The joint meeting also served to help facilitate newly forming Occupy movements, including, Colton, Ontario and San Bernardino.

“So if we have this centralized core of ideas that we can exchange through all of them and support each other that way,” McDuffee said.

The meeting was facilitated by Adam Webster of Ontario, who has been involved with the Riverside movement, which officially started Oct. 15 in downtown.

The impact of the movement has been mixed so far, he said.

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