Layoff discussion emerges in internal memo.

Saturday, November 5, 2011 – 12:01 p.m.

What a shocker!

The “L” word finally emerged in San Bernardino County government last month.

The big questions is what took so long?

Yes, an internal management document to department heads indicates that managers should brace for layoffs.

An obvious ploy to get unions on board with the let’s cut your pay and benefits again to keep your fellow brethren working mantra.

Even though real layoffs are in fact needed.

The county has been belatedly attempting to deal with its own budget dilemma by wrestling with employee unions over half-baked take all, leave all proposals.

A reckless tactic that hasn’t resulted in any significant savings.

The county, which hasn’t produced heavy reduction in its workforce, is way behind the curve.

With one-third of the budget year past. The current strategy appears to be wait the unions out and impose reductions. An obvious bad faith bargaining problem. But since when has San Bernardino County ever cared about laws, rules or regulations?

Try never.

The state with it’s phantom 2011-12 fiscal year budget is as already facing a multi-billion dollar shortfall.

Translated, meaning the county needs to get its act in order. Because the budget deficit is growing as we speak.

Even residential property values and thus property taxes keep declining.