Tuesday, October 18, 2011 – 10:15 a.m.

After helping drain Victorville’s finances an Orange County businessman has now set his sights on a new public trough.

Sources say Inland Energy, a Newport Beach-based company controlled by businessman William “Buck” Johns is now pitching a new project for a city.

This time it’s the city of Palmdale.

And guess what kind of project? You guessed it! Johns wants to the city to finance and construct a shiny new power plant.

The same idea that brought Victorville to it’s knees.

Yes, after pretty much helping to bankrupt Victorville with power plant projects and a failed EB-5 worker visa program, and having little success in getting a foothold into San Bernardino County government, Johns has decided Palmdale, a city located in Los Angeles County, looks ripe for the picking.

However, sources say that Johns is wasting his time and that his fledgling proposal is dead on arrival.