Aaron Sandusky, owner of G3 Holistic in Colton, is being forced out due to citations from the Colton Police Department and an eviction notice from the landlord. (Al Cuizon Staff Photographer)

Ryan Hagen, Staff Writer
Posted: 09/27/2011 05:55:02 PM PDT

COLTON – After months of risking potential jail time, defying orders to shut down, operators of the city’s last medical marijuana dispensaries are now packing up.

The landlords of G3 Holistic and Nature’s Quest are both succumbing to pressure from landlords facing fines of $1,000 a day for hosting what the city says are illegal business, according to John D. Higginbotham, the Riverside-based attorney representing the city for Best Best & Krieger.

Organic Garden Collective, another medical marijuana dispensary known to have opened in the city, obeyed a shut-down order in April.

Other dispensaries in the city and throughout the Inland Empire will soon follow, Higginbotham predicted.

“The era of storefront retail marijuana businesses is nearing an end, at least in the cities we represent,” he said. “The wheels of justice sometimes grind slowly, but you can only flaunt the law for so long before it catches up with you.”

G3 President Aaron Sandusky – who operates collectives in Colton, Upland and Moreno Valley – said he was willing to risk jail time, confident that courts will eventually decide bans like Colton’s are unconstitutional. But he wasn’t willing to hurt his landlord, he said.

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