Wednesday, September 21, 2011 – 09:50 p.m.

The following statement was issued by San Bernardino International Airport Interim Executive Director Don Rogers late this evening:

“Airport conversion from Norton AFB may be the most important economic activity in San Bernardino in the past 2 decades.

“We were, until today, very near a successful completion of the commercialization of the former airport.

“Over 4,200 jobs have been created and a $1.5 billion in assessed valuation has been raised to over $5 billion.

“The complete airport infrastructure has been built at costs far below any other airport in California.

“Airline negotiations are in progress.”

“Now, this FBI very public display of investigative powers will raise doubts in many minds, including potential airlines.”

“Because it will taint perceptions, it may be very damaging that headlines, not real information was the goal. Time will tell.

“We have just come off of a 2 year civil grand jury review and they found not one piece of evidence of illegal activity at the airport, nor did they make any allegation of corruption or wrong doing.”

“While they took issue with our processes, they found nothing rising to the level that would justify an FBI probe.”

“So why is the FBI in San Bernardino?

“One must wonder about the political motivation of whoever filed the complaint with the FBI which led to today’s search warrant and involvement by the FBI.

“The paper has an obligation to go beyond the obvious headline and find out who and why this investigation occurred.

“By the way this is just a search warrant, a seeking of information in a very public display.

“Certainly the FBI has more discrete ways to finding needed information.”