By Mike Cruz and Melissa Pinion-Whitt
Posted: 09/09/2011 12:01:26 PM PDT

SAN BERNARDINO — Steve Kinzey, a university professor and president of a motorcycle club who faces drug trafficking charges, on Friday was ordered to appear in court next week for a hearing on the source of his bail money.

Prosecutors went to San Bernardino Superior Court Judge Kenneth Barr on Friday after a bail bondsman posted a $300,000 bond this week for Kinzey.

Posting the bond removed an arrest warrant for Kinzey, 43, from the computer system. Kinzey, an associate professor of kinesiology at Cal State San Bernardino, never was arrested and wasn’t scheduled to appear for arraignment until November.

But prosecutors and sheriff’s detectives want to know where the bail money came from, and they weren’t pleased that a snafu in the court clerk’s office enabled Kinzey to circumvent the usual process for drug cases.

“It’s a procedural thing,” Deputy District Attorney Bruce Brown said after Friday’s court hearing. “The clerk’s office made a mistake and forgot to have that done when bail was posted.”

When bail is posted in certain cases, like a drug-trafficking case, the court will conduct a hearing within 48 hours to ensure the funds to obtain the bond are not from the alleged criminal activity, lawyers said.

Barr scheduled such a hearing for Sept. 16 and ordered Kinzey, 43, of Highland, and other witnesses to appear in court. The judge may also arraign Kinzey that day.

Kinzey’s lawyer, James Glick, downplayed the significance of the hearing, telling the court that his client’s father produced the funds used for bail. Glick said Kinzey, as a university faculty member for 10 years, has an honest income.

“It’s pretty clear the money is legitimate,” Glick said. “That’s all the issue is.”

So after days of being in the wind and labeled a fugitive by sheriff’s detectives, Kinzey will have to appear before authorities in court. He has been charged with conspiracy and possessing methamphetamine for sale.

Sheriff’s deputies, the FBI and San Bernardino police launched the “Devil’s Professor” investigation six months ago when Kinzey was identified as a suspect involved in criminal activity, authorities said at a Sept. 1 news conference.

Deputies said Kinzey is president of the San Bernardino Mountains chapter of the Devil’s Diciples, a group founded in Fontana in 1967. The group intentionally misspells disciples in its name “to distance ourselves from religious affiliation,” according to the group’s website.

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