By Wes Woods II Staff Writer
Created: 09/01/2011 04:50:54 PM PDT

CLAREMONT – City officials said they are at an impasse in their negotiations with the Claremont Police Officers Association and the Claremont Police Management Association.

The unions late last month rejected the city’s latest contract proposals.

The offers would have provided cost-of-living pay increases for each of the next three years while requiring unions members to contribute money to their own pension plans.

In addition, a two-tier retirement system would be implemented to reduce future pension costs to the city, according to a city news release.

The groups have requested additional cost-of-living and health benefit increases.

“The police officers have put on the table an offer that includes them paying their entire portion of the pension costs,” said Dieter Dammeier, Claremont Police Officers Association counsel. “Also, we’ve agreed to the two-tier pension where future police officers come in at a much reduced pension plan. The hang-up is in 2008, the police officers in the middle of their contract, agreed to give up 4 percent (cost-of-living increase) they had coming, and the city assured us we’d get it back.”

Dammeier said his side wants 2 percent a year for the next 3 years while the city is offering 1.5 percent each year for 3 years.

“We’re a half percent off each year,” Dammeier said.

Members of the city’s employee unions have agreed to pay for their pension benefits, but want to receive a 1.5 percent cost-of-living pay increase.

Additionally, most of the other employee groups started a 3 percent contribution to the state Public Employees’ Retirement System starting Aug. 22 with an additional 3 percent on July 9, 2012, and another rise on July 8, 2013, up to a cap of 8 percent.

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