Tom Mitchell
Created: 08/17/2011 05:23:56 PM PDT

Just when we believed we are moving beyond the Pomierski influence in Upland politics, opponents to candidate Thouvenell take a page out of JP’s playbook. As a campaign committee veteran to Upland campaigns up against the-ex mayor, I witnessed firsthand how campaign fliers rife with outright lies would be distributed at the last minute so that the target of the lies could not respond in time to set the record straight before voters cast their vote. Such is the case this week, with a flier being distributed disparaging candidate Thouvenell. Lies and altered photos fill the flier. Of course what is missing is who is responsible for the flier. Anonymity makes casting lies much easier. This not the kind of leadership we want in Upland.

We are now paying the price for this kind of irresponsible behavior from a nice guy who everyone liked on the soccer fields.

Or perhaps you have based your decision on the one controversial case involving Mr. Thouvenell, a dirt pile and a business owner with a record of conviction for domestic violence. If you knew “the rest of the story,” you would side with the original court which upheld the arrest decision by the district attorney. Remember, it was the DA’s office, after extensive review of the facts, not our Upland police, who made the decision issue the warrant to make an arrest.

Thirty years of service, and this one questionable case is all the other candidates can find fault?

Let’s not forget, it was Mr. Thouvenell who first informed the FBI on the irregularities and possible illegal activities by our city leaders as far back as 2003. Do you really believe he would act irresponsibly after bringing the prying eyes of the FBI to Upland?

It is disappointing to think your vote may go to any candidate with no civic experience, no past participation in city matters, little if any attendance at council meetings, only because he or she is a nice person who is good interacting with the public and wants to get involved. Is that all it takes to be qualified? I have heard we need more women involved in city politics.

No experience necessary, just be a nice person of the right gender. We elected a president because he was a nice guy, spoke well and was very personable. Billions of dollars later and no end in sight of these troubled times, didn’t we learn a lesson about what unproven leadership could cost us?

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