Wendy Leung, Staff Writer
Created: 08/09/2011 09:33:38 PM PDT

RANCHO CUCAMONGA – A new fire station, groundbreaking on a veterans project and the completion of the Pacific Electric Trail are on the city’s horizon. But city officials are hitting pause on a number of projects because the future of California redevelopment agencies are uncertain.

On Monday, the City Council held a semiannual team-building session at the Frontier Project and got updated on accomplishments, ongoing projects and future goals.

“There’s quite a few projects that are done, quite a few that are very close to being done,” Assistant City Manager John Gillison said. “By the time we have another team-building in January, we’ll look back at 2011 and see that a lot of stuff happened.”

Hellman Fire Station, which is designed to battle wildland fires and relieve the workload of Amethyst Fire Station, is expected to finish in December.

“It’s coming along nicely,” Fire Chief Mike Bell said. “We’re looking to get in there by the end of the year and have an official grand opening after the first of the year.”

Design work is under way for the Freedom Courtyard, an area in Central Park dedicated to honoring veterans. The city expects to break ground next spring.

But a number of projects are on hold because of the state’s budget crisis. In June, as a measure to balance the massive budget shortfall, Gov. Jerry Brown and the Legislature ordered municipalities to dissolve their redevelopment agencies unless they pay a collective $1.7 billion.

Last week, the City Council authorized the remittance of $35.5 million in two years to Sacramento in order for the redevelopment agency to continue.

Deputy City Manager Linda Daniels called the money “extortion payment.”

The city has joined the League of California Cities and the California Redevelopment Association in a lawsuit against the governor. On Monday, the state Supreme Court will issue a decision on whether to issue a stay and prevent the redevelopment law from going into effect.

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