Employees will pay into system
Neil Nisperos, Staff Writer
Created: 07/13/2011 05:18:18 PM PDT

CHINO – San Bernardino Public Employees Association members working here have joined a growing list of city employees who have agreed to new pension terms.

Association members, who include clerical employees in city departments, will pay half the cost of employee contributions for pension benefits from the California Public Employees’ Retirement System. The city had previously paid the contributions in full.

Additionally, new employees hired on or after the start of the 2011-12 fiscal year will pay for their entire pension contribution.

The association recently agreed to the two-year labor agreement. About 160 Chino employees will be affected.

“These employees live close to work and re-invest most of their paycheck in their local community. They support, as demonstrated by their actions, reasonable pension reform,” said Bob Blough, general manager of the association.

“Through these efforts they hope to secure a retirement with dignity, not only for themselves, but for everyone. This should not be a race to the bottom.”

Retirement pension formulas between the city and CalPERS were also amended to 2 percent at 55 years old for the association employees

The pension changes for the employees are expected to save the city $163,000 annually for the next two fiscal years, city spokeswoman Michelle Van Der Linden said.

“I think the unions have been very cooperative and I think they understand the situation we’re
faced with,” Councilman Glenn Duncan said.

The clerical employees join police officers, elected officials and unrepresented management employees who had earlier agreed with city officials on new pension terms.

In total, annual two-year pension reform savings for all CalPERS-enrolled Chino employees will result in $1 million in savings for Chino, Van Der Linden said.

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