10:00 PM PDT on Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Press-Enterprise

A special panel set up to address ethics complaints against Riverside officials will be called into service later this month, for the second time since it was created in a November overhaul of the ethics code.

The panel will meet July 19 for a hearing on a complaint filed against Community Police Review Commission member John Brandriff. The ethics code outlines expected behavior for elected city officials and appointed members of city boards and commissions.

Resident Michael Morales filed the complaint against Brandriff in June. Morales alleged Brandriff missed “nearly half or more” of the police commission’s 2010 meetings and used the excuse of an injury, but in some cases was actually out campaigning for a council seat.

Brandriff is “not representing the community properly” and should be removed from the commission, Morales wrote in the complaint.

Reached Friday, Morales declined to comment on his complaint. Morales frequently speaks at City Council meetings and in 2010 filed an ethics complaint against Councilman Paul Davis, which officials determined to be unfounded.

Brandriff is running against Councilman Steve Adams for the Ward 7 council seat. They were the top two vote getters in a June election and must compete in a November runoff.

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