Appeals court allows clinic to sell medical marijuana
Mediha Fejzagic DiMartino, Staff Writer
Created: 07/03/2011 02:41:36 PM PDT

UPLAND – The G3 Holistic, a medical marijuana cooperative, reopened Sunday thanks to a decision made last week in the Fourth District Court of Appeals.

“I’m very excited for our patients,” said Aaron Sandusky, a president of G3 Holistic. “I was glad that the location was still available.”

The cooperative was shut down in August after a West Valley Superior Court judge granted an injunction filed by the city – its zoning ordinance prohibits medical marijuana dispensaries from operating within city limits.

Sandusky filed a stay against the injunction and is appealing the city’s prohibition of medical marijuana dispensaries. The stay was granted on June 20, allowing the cooperative to operate until Sandusky’s appeal is heard.

The ruling was to “preserve the status quo pending the appeal,” the court said.

“It levels out the playing field,” Sandusky said. “Getting into this business, you can’t ignore the hostile environment. I didn’t expect it to be easy.”

Victor Davis of Pomona stopped by the cooperative just hours after it opened.

“I didn’t like it when they shut it down, it made no sense,” Davis said. “I come here once a week. It’s convenient and the pot here is potent. I have back problems and I’m looking for a stronger high.”

The cooperative initially opened in 2009. It served about 200 patients each day, dispensing close to two pounds of medicinal marijuana as well as other marijuana-related products.

In lieu of payment, patients make a donation, which is then taxed.

“We paid about $100,000 in taxes in previous years,” Sandusky said.

When cooperative closed last year, its members were left without a jobs.

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