Tuesday, June 28, 2011 – 08:00 a.m.

San Bernardino County amazingly has 535 vacant positions likely to be deleted in Tuesdays final budget hearing.

The county may even layoff 233 filled positions!

The county, which has had its head in the sand for more than a year, has resisted cuts to staffing.

Why you ask?

The answer. Reduced customer service.

Hello! It’s a recession. Residents expect service cutbacks during recessions.

Well don’t they?

County management has operated under the premise that ‘all’ employees would give equal concessions in order to balance most of the budget.

A key factor that, as of yet, hasn’t materialized.

A position unlike no other jurisdiction in the area. Cities and Counties throughout the region realized what was coming their way with respect to the economic downturn.

Those jurisdictions sought out modest concessions and reduced payroll through attrition or layoffs.

Key word in the last sentence being ‘modest’.

Unless county supervisors follow the state into the twilight zone of pie in the sky revenue projections, they will have some tough decisions to make.

Essentially, if the county would have stopped hiring long ago, this situation would have never happened.

What an unfortunate situation.