Southern California — this just in
June 24, 2011 | 9:13 pm

Despite the city’s ongoing fiscal woes, Los Angeles police officers will receive a considerable pay raise in the coming years, according to a tentative contract agreement reached Friday.

The proposed three-year contract calls for the roughly 9,900 rank-and-file officers to forgo a pay increase in the fiscal year that begins July 1 and then receive several incremental pay hikes over the next two years, according to a summary obtained by The Times.

At the start of the second year, officers’ pay would rise 1% and then jump another 2% midway through the year. Over the course of the third year, officers would receive two 1% bumps in pay and then a 2% increase.

An officer with a base annual salary of $75,000 would be paid nearly $80,400 at the end of the proposed contract.
The tentative agreement also leaves in place the bonuses and incentives that officers can earn for reaching certain ranks or taking particular assignments.

In addition, an annual $1,025 uniform allowance for all officers remains. And the subsidy the city pays officers each month to offset healthcare costs would stay at $1,060 for the first year of the contract and rise as much as 5% in each of the following years.

The agreement also would relax the rules governing overtime work, making it easier for LAPD officials to run the department during tough fiscal times.

Because there is no money to pay officers cash for overtime work, the current contract forces officers to take time off when they accrue about 250 hours of overtime — a cap that has sent hundreds of officers home each month. The new contract would raise that cap to 600 hours.

Union and police officials refused to comment on the proposed deal. City officials confirmed the terms but declined to make any other comment.

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