By Jim Steinberg Staff Writer
Created: 06/23/2011 09:31:02 PM PDT

FONTANA – In action that city officials say will halt progress in the city, a group of business and property owners unleashed a two-pronged attack on the City Council this week.

On Thursday, a group calling itself Fontana United filed a notice of intent with the City Clerk’s Office to file a recall petition for Mayor Acquanetta Warren and the entire City Council.

Earlier this week, the same group filed papers proposing that the City Council change its composition from “at-large” election of four council members to a six-member group – each member elected by voters in each of six districts.

In a written statement about the recall, Fontana United accused the mayor and the City Council of:

Gross financial mismanagement, causing Fontana to become bankrupt;

Uncontrolled spending;

Mismanagement of redevelopment funds and city projects.

“Where is the proof?” said Warren of the allegations in the recall notice. “These are lies.”

Earlier this week, the city issued a statement saying it had developed a balanced budget for 2011-12 that maintains staffing levels and keeps

$17.7 million in general fund reserves.

Warren said that the switch to geographic representation is unnecessary because every council member lives in a different part of town, and the council is ethnically diverse.

Changing Fontana’s city government model from at-large to district representation would bring bickering into council meetings and prevent the kind of progress city government has made in past years, Warren said.

She also warned that council members elected to represent districts would have a narrow focus, rather than thinking about what was best for the city as a whole.

“Look at what is going on in neighboring cities (San Bernardino and Colton have district representation). Why would anybody want to bring that here?” she said.

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