Tuesday, June 14, 2011 – 10:30 a.m.

One has to wonder why there is such a disconnect in the way San Bernardino and Riverside County governments conduct business respectively.

Riverside County seems to be able to maintain a sense of order and cohesiveness.

A county where vision and forward thinking exists even in bad economic times.

A county where one rarely, if ever, hears about political infighting, backstabbing, fear or paralysis.

San Bernardino County, on the other hand, currently operates more like a banana republic.

Even today, the San Bernardino County management structure, or lack there of, commands no separation between county governance and its operations.

San Bernardino County supervisors continue to be in the midst of an identity crisis, unsure of their respective roles, while Riverside supes are firmly on top of issues and management decisions.

A absolute necessity when making tough choices affecting subordinate departments.

With San Bernardino County, in particular, it appears departments lead by elected officials seem to be in control. Not county executives.

Departments which in-fact comprise the bulk of San Bernardino County’s discretionary spending.

Today, unlike twenty years ago when there was an understanding of the role each party played, county executive management remains compromised.

Only time will tell as to whether the cause of this situation is fear, intimidation, heavy handedness or people in compromised positions.

Presently, Riverside County seems to be effectively managing their budget crisis, while San Bernardino County appears to not have even a clue of where they are going, with the only theme being that of employee takeaways will pay for everything.

It doesn’t take rocket scientist to see the definite tug-o-war between the county and the employee unions spearheaded by the elected department heads.

A county executive serving multiple masters, other than the board he works for, while trying to please others can only lead to serious managerial problems.

It’s a difficult situation to say the least and will ultimately play itself out.