Jason Abbott, Staff Writer
Tuesday, May 24, 2011 – 10:35 a.m.

In a San Bernardino Sun story filed by reporter James Rufus Koren, the newspaper reports that “The (SEBA) board is split right now.”

Koren refers to the San Bernardino County Safety Employees Benefit Associaton.

Normally, a “split board” would not necessarily be encouraging, but the Sun’s report is positive for Supervisor Derry, especially considering the well-orchestrated misinformation campaign by Derry’s opponents.

In reality, it is very good news for Supervisor Derry as he looks to win a second term in June 2012.

It is also 180 degrees contrary from the whisper campaign conducted by Derry’s political opponents. As reported by the Sun, there is still a large reservoir of support for Neil Derry from SEBA.

The truth is that SEBA board of director members stand with Neil Derry despite Derry’s political opponent James Ramos of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians tribal government trying to parlay his Reserve’s previous history of donating financial contributions to SEBA from the Band’s massive gaming profits.

So far, it isn’t working for James Ramos. The misinformation campaign, the gaming Reserve’s background of showering SEBA with contributions, and using the unresolved court issues for political expediency. It isn’t benefiting James Ramos, who, in reality, has been working this supervisorial bid for several months now.

Once again, it looks like the reports of Supervisor Derry’s political demise are greatly exaggerated and likely have been deliberately misrepresented by electoral adversaries.

SEBA’s support can and will only grow for Neil Derry, and Koren’s report – which is very fair for readers – in the Sun makes that abundantly clear.