Supervior Neil Derry and James Ramos


Serious questions being raised about his eligibility to hold county office

Monday, May 9, 2011

Third District Supervisor Neil Derry today called on San Manuel Casino Boss James Ramos to release his personal income and property tax records.

“The citizens of the 3rd District deserve to know whether Mr. Ramos pays state or local taxes,” declared Derry. “The Los Angeles Times has reported that Ramos’ predecessor as Tribal Chairman didn’t pay state and local taxes required for nearly all other San Bernardino County residents. Is Mr. Ramos a tax scofflaw too?”

“Mr. Ramos’ casino business rakes in millions of dollars, but he lives on tribal land. Does he pay any California taxes on his casino income? Does he pay any local property taxes on his primary residence to help our local schools?” asked Derry.

“Taxation without representation is a founding principle of our nation,” continued Derry, who fought to defend America in Operation Desert Storm as a United States Marine. “How can the taxpayers of the 3rd District be represented by someone who could vote to raise our taxes without having to pay the same taxes he is imposing on everyone else?”

“Third District residents won’t stand for a Leona Helmsley-style politician who believes that ‘taxes are only for the little people.’ It’s time for Casino Boss James Ramos to show his financial cards and release his tax records for public inspection,” said Derry.

Furthermore, Mr. Ramos’ status as an elected leader of a ‘sovereign tribal nation’ with a separate court system, raises serious legal questions about his eligibility to serve in County office.

“An elected official cannot serve two masters. How can Mr. Ramos be held accountable for his actions when he is protected by his own tribal courts and is receiving lucrative special interest tax exemptions that are available to almost no one else in San Bernardino County?” stated Derry.

“As a leader of a separate ‘sovereign nation’ is Mr. Ramos even bound by the county laws he would be voting upon as a Supervisor? The citizens of the 3rd District will be demanding answers to these questions. We want a representative who is subject to the same laws that apply to all the rest of us,” concluded Derry.