Friday, April 29, 2011 – 11:25 a.m. has provided limited coverage of the investigation and case surrounding the falsification of training records within the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.

Primarily out of respect for the rank and file members within the department.

That is until now.

It has always been the belief that Sheriff Rod Hoops doesn’t really care for District Attorney Mike Ramos.

The only common thread is the two share the same political advisor, Orange County-based consultant David Ellis, who Hoops retained at Ramos’ urging.

A mistake on Hoops’ part, as Ellis is a known as political bag man for Ramos, and his loyalties will always rest with the District Attorney.

However, Hoops and Ramos seem to have closely aligned as allies over the past year. A mysterious and puzzling turn to say the least. The two have even aligned over the issue of refusing to accept pay and benefit concessions. A subject highlighted in a article published in Friday’s edition of The Sun.

Attention and heat that I’m sure Hoops isn’t enjoying.

Now the likely reason for the alliance has surfaced.

Obviously the presentation of charges against only 7 employees, in and of itself, was reason for concern.

Only “seven” in a scheme as elaborate has depicted? The term “being used as scapegoats” comes to mind.

And as everyone knows, when there is individuals being made into scapegoats, the anger and resentment eventually set in. After this, it’s only a matter of time before it all spills out.

As many, including myself, have suspected, there is a problem. Sources say the criminal investigation conducted by Ramos’ office was sanitized to protect certain current and former high ranking department executives.

In other words, the list of more than twenty-five involved, was cut down to seven.

A second sheriff’s headquarters source has indicated that upwards of seventy individuals are the subject of administrative investigations being handled by the departments internal affairs division.

A process, administered under California Government Code section 3300 et seq. A process which protects the identities of those involved.

The same source says Ramos pretty much has Hoops by the throat now.

We can’t say we’re not surprised. But we are extremely disappointed.

Can you say compromised?