Thursday, April 28, 2011 – 11:35 a.m.
Last Modified: Thursday, April 28, 2011 – 02:20 p.m.

Former San Bernardino County Third District Supervisor Dennis Hansberger has been busy these days trying to re-emerge in local politics.

Taking every opportunity to criticize and Monday night quarterback.

Two names keep surfacing as being opponents of Supervisor Neil Derry in his June 2012 re-election bid.

One is James Ramos, Chairman of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, and the other name is Hansberger. Both are close friends of District Attorney Michael Ramos.

Ramos’ hit that was inflicted on Derry, using the Attorney General as a front, was well-orchestrated and well-timed.

Designed to affect a pending endorsement of Derry by the union representing Ramos’ prosecutors and a fundraiser scheduled for May.

Sources say the Redlands “old guard” contingent doesn’t really care for the San Manuel chair and believe he would have a hard time beating Derry in the conservative Third District. But, they would like Hansberger to run again. Assemblyman Paul Cook continues to be approached as well.

Several of Hansberger’s close friends appear to be working the former supervisors ego in trying to push him to run again.

And it’s an ego the size of the Hindenburg!

Let’s look at some of the latest and frequent words of wisdom from the Hansberger.

From the Press-Enterprise on April 27, 2011, regarding charges filed against Supervisor Neil Derry.

Hansberger said the latest charges are another blow to the county, which has been rocked by one scandal after another. “I’m just sorry our county has to continue go through this. It’s got to stop sometime, the sooner the better,” he said.

From the Daily Bulletin on April 19, 2011, regarding the Colonies settlement.

Hansberger, who didn’t return phone calls Tuesday seeking comment, said in a recent interview he suspected impropriety during the settlement negotiations, and that impropriety extended from the Board of Supervisors to the Superior Court level.

From the Press-Enterprise on April 12, 2011, on his testimony before the county grand jury in April.

Hansberger confirmed that he went before the grand jury for part of the afternoon but said he was told not to discuss his testimony.

From the Press-Enterprise on April 10, 2011, on the Colonies settlement.

Former Supervisor Dennis Hansberger, who voted against the deal, said he believes the $102 million figure was essentially a demand and far more than was justified.

“I was prepared to make a settlement for something less than $10 million just to get the situation resolved,” Hansberger said.

From The Sun on April 3, 2011, where he accused three judicial officers involved the Colonies settlement of being corrupt.

“I tried very hard to keep my ears open to validate any of that,” Hansberger said. “I was concerned that there was the possibility of impropriety at other levels because (Colonies co-managing partner) Jeff (Burum) is a very effective and powerful salesman who puts a lot of pressure on people to see things his way.”

“My opinion of Judge Norell was he was careless at looking at the law; he seemed somewhat callous when it came to the decision,” Hansberger said. “They all belonged to the same country club.”

“I felt it was very injudicious of him and very unprofessional,” Hansberger said. “He seemed to have a great deal of pride in finding for one side and not the other.”

“He (Warner) reaffirmed the Norell decision and went further by saying the county was uncooperative,” Hansberger said. “But he didn’t point out in any facts to support that. He completely ignored what the appellate court said.”

Now let’s take a trip back in time to 2006.

From the California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) press release archives for January 20, 2006.

Disqualification Violation

In the Matter of Dennis Hansberger, FPPC No. 03/663. Staff: Commission Counsel Margaret Figeroid. County of San Bernardino Supervisor Dennis Hansberger, while serving as an appointed member of the Inland Valley Development Agency and the San Bernardino International Airport Authority, violated section 84308, subdivision (b) by accepting a contribution of more than $250 from a party to proceedings involving the award of contracts within three months following the date final decisions were rendered in those proceedings (2 counts). $6,000 fine.

How fast people forget…………..