Tuesday, April 26, 2011 – 02:20 p.m.

How does that saying go? Never throw rocks from a glass house.

Here’s one for the books.

Former republican State Assemblyman and renowned Sacramento Lobbyist Brett J. Granlund seems to be living an awkward life over the past few years.

A life like a James Bond 007 or the fugitive.

A guy who ten years ago  while under the influence of a pain killer, called his Yucaipa constituents “white trash” during an interview with a local reporter, is currently a lobbyist for Platinum Advisors.

A firm employed by San Bernardino County.

Lately Granlund, in addition to having trouble telling the truth, seems to be utilizing very odd methods of functioning.

From using a Wal-Mart debit card because, as he puts it, you can re-charge up to $10,000 in cash on it, to using a minute rechargeable throw down phone, things seems really strange.

Combine the above with multiple civil suits against him, out of state drivers licenses, and a vast amount of time outside of the country and state and one has to only wonder.

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GRANLUND, BRETT 08/01/200000CS01086

GRANLUND, BRETT 02/26/200303AS04031

GRANLUND, BRETT 02/26/200303UD01396

GRANLUND, BRETT 05/21/20082008-00011523

GRANLUND, BRETT 03/16/20092009-00037648

GRANLUND, BRETT J. 02/23/200000AS00983



A source close to Granlund says the astute lobbyist is in the process of negotiating settlements with the intent of discharging them in bankruptcy.

In a 2006, an outside investigation was conducted into the purchase of a jail facility by San Bernardino County, in which Granlund acted as a go between. A primary finding by Los Angeles-based attorney Leonard Gumport was that Granlund had no credibility and created a conflict of interest.

Is anyone surprised.

Read about the Gumport Report here.