Friday, April 15, 2011 – 06:00 a.m.

Tax extension, Tax extension, Tax extension………

Not any longer.

Republicans actually held the line.

The time for voters to enact extensions of two-year old temporary tax increases via a special election has come and gone.

The taxes will expire on June 30, and there is insufficient time remaining in order to place any extension measure on the ballot before then.

Now the term tax ‘increase’ will further work its way into the debate.

But democrats in the state legislature, and the Governor, speak of approving extensions subject to voter approval later.

A desperate, but likely unconstitutional, move.

A move likely to piss off voters.

The legislature has pretty much used every accounting gimmick in the book to cosmetically balance prior year budgets.

And yes, all of those allegedly balanced budgets has imploded.

The legislature needs to work on additional permanent spending cuts to the state budget, along with a gimmick or two of course.

As more time elapses, voters will be increasingly less likely to approve ‘new’ taxes in a bad economy.