Mike Cruz, Staff Writer
Posted: 03/28/2011 05:27:31 PM PDT

Former Assessor and former Board of Supervisors Chairman Bill Postmus struck a deal with prosecutors and pleaded guilty today to criminal charges stemming from the $102 million Colonies lawsuit settlement and alleged malfeasance in the Assessor’s Office.

Postmus entered the guilty pleas before Judge Michael Smith in San Bernardino Superior Court, according to the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office. He pleaded guilty to one count each of conspiracy to accept a bribe and conflict of interest in the Colonies case for actions while he was chairman of the Board of Supervisors, and to one count of misappropriation of public funds while he was county Assessor in a separate case.

As part of the plea agreement with the District Attorney and the state Attorney General, Postmus agreed to cooperate in the ongoing investigation and to testify truthfully in subsequent court proceedings.

If he gives truthful testimony in all future proceedings, Postmus will be sentenced on the three felony charges and the remaining charges would be dismissed. There was no agreement on sentence, according to prosecutors.

Postmus would face a maximum of five years in state prison for the above three charges, and the court would take into consideration his degree of cooperation at the time of sentencing.

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