Sunday, March 27, 2011 – 12:40 p.m.

It just keeps on raining dirty laundry in San Bernardino County political circles these days.

The latest revelation of a superior court judge being unduly influenced doesn’t seem to be surprising to anyone who’s familiar with the inner workings of San Bernardino County governmental, legal and political circles.

The lesson here? No one ever learns until it’s too late.

However one important dynamic is changing big time!

“Well-placed” employees and insiders have had enough, and the dirt is spewing.

Attempts at stopping the leaks is no longer working.

Efforts by officials at limiting damage and protecting involved parties have been short-circuited by insiders who are fed-up with a culture of have’s and have-not’s.

A culture of entitlement.

Not anymore.

Employees and insiders are no longer sitting back. Scenarios of people being made scapegoats and fall guys, while others skip away mostly untouched, has a growing number of people becoming angered.

A convergence of political and legal issues is on the horizon that in all likelihood will start rectifying a bad culture.

Just look back on the past 18-months.

Many people, who thought they were untouchable, met their political or professional fate.

People who were and still continue to be big-time self-righteous stone throwers.

I’ve dealt with several of the clan. Yes, it’s given me some satisfaction. But the old sayings “Isn’t karma a bitch.”, “What goes around, comes around.” or “Don’t throw rocks from a glass house.” are in full swing now.

Many of these proverbial “stone throwers” have lost employment, some even have spouses who have been canned.

It is indeed interesting how things work out.

It’s been brutal for many in the county government center, sheriff’s department and elsewhere.

The news here? It’s just getting started.

Even I’m due for some more embarrassment in the near future. But, so are many others.

My feelings on the issue? So be it!

A good example of laugh out loud moments.

I recently read a statement made by a former county employee in a sworn legal proceeding. The person in question was at the time still employed in a management capacity with San Bernardino County.

This person, in making their opinions and criticisms known, said actions by certain others went against their “moral and ethical compass”.

I laughed my ass off when I read it.

This same person in question has since been fired and is now subject of a criminal investigation.

Can you say ouch?

From dubious investigations involving the sheriff’s department, the cloud over the dismissal of a high-profile lawsuit involving the District Attorney, the Arrowhead Regional Medical Center debacle, the Upland influence peddling scandal, the financial destruction of Victorville, and the U.S. Department of Justice having to assert itself in several investigations within the county, the situation doesn’t look good.

There is in fact a “San Bernardino County Joint Corruption Task Force”. It is a fact the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the District Attorney are a part of the task force.

However, it should be noted the District Attorney, according to sources, is involved only to the extent as to prevent the two agencies from crossing paths.

Note to the feds: Good move!

This arrangement and understandable lack of trust alone speaks volumes.