Anti-marijuana group to fight recall attempt
Sandra Emerson, Staff Writer
Created: 03/21/2011 03:17:27 PM PDT

UPLAND – Local anti-marijuana activists have entered the fray between a medical marijuana cooperative president and the city.

Paul Chabot, founder of Rancho Cucamonga-based Inland Valley Drug Free Community Coalition, has spearheaded a movement to counter a recall campaign initiated by Aaron Sandusky, president of G3 Holistics, Inc., a medical marijuana cooperative that was shut down by the city in September.

Sandusky filed papers on Feb. 28 to attempt a recall of Councilman Ken Willis.

“We strongly feel dope dealers are taking advantage of the recent (m)ayor indictments – they sense a weakness in Upland much like a wolf stocking a lone wounded sheep,” Chabot said in an e-mailed statement. “Because of this, we have rushed in help from within and outside of Upland – they are no longer alone. We will fight to protect Upland and then we will go on the offensive to ensure this kind of nonsense never happens again.”

Chabot and the Coalition created Save Our Society-Upland, a citizen-based organization that will walk precincts, make phone calls, hold rallies and raise money to counter the recall attempt.

Should the recall go forward, a petition in support of Willis is ready to be passed around the city for signatures.

Sandusky said he still plans on carrying out his plans for the recall and was surprised when Chabot stepped in.

“I thought it was interesting for him to make a lot of comments about things that I don’t think he’s completely informed on,” Sandusky said. “I expect as things unfold I’m sure he’ll have a better understanding of what we’re dealing with here.”

Sandusky filed a claim for damages with the city on Feb. 28 accusing former Mayor John “JP” Pomierski of asking for $20,000 in order to keep the cooperative open past the November 2010 elections.

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