Sunday, March 13, 2011 – 05:30 p.m.

A Spanish-radio broadcaster fighting San Bernardino County over the placement of a 46-foot radio tower in an unincorporated area of Yucaipa has filed a lawsuit over a parcel of land adjacent to the site of a proposed radio tower.

Court records reveal that Lazer Broadcasting has filed a civil lawsuit against Mill Creek Rescue, Inc.

The litigation, filed in superior court on February 17, 2011, alleges Mill Creek breached a lease-option agreement it had with Lazer for the potential land purchase.

Lazer alleges it paid a $30,000 retainer to Mill Creek in exchange for a four-year option to buy the subject property from Mill Creek.

It is further alleged Mill Creek sold the property to a local land conservancy group in violation of the agreement with Lazer.

The lawsuit is the most recent escalation in a protracted battle over the placement of the radio tower.

Opponents of the tower, spearheaded by a Redlands-based law firm and a Riverside-based public relations firm on behalf of Lazer competitor Liberman broadcasting, routinely raise environmental and scenic issues.

When, in reality, the mostly political dispute is more about competitor tactics, not the environment.