Monica Rodriguez, Staff Writer
Created: 03/13/2011 08:01:53 AM PDT

POMONA – City Council members recently approved a cooperative agreement between the city and its redevelopment agency that will allow the city to carry out a series of redevelopment projects.

The action was one of several the City Council took at at a special March 8 meeting meant prepare the city in case the state eliminates municipal and county redevelopment agencies and to protect redevelopment agency assets.

Gov. Jerry Brown has proposed eliminating redevelopment agencies in the state in order to allocate the funds now spent by the agencies for other local government needs.

“I’m hoping (the actions) put us in a better position,” Mayor Elliott Rothman said. “But until the powers that be in Sacramento make a decision we can only hope for the best.”

Rothman, like other local government elected officials, is awaiting word of what steps state legislators will take.

Under the agreement the city would carry out 16 projects that could come to fruition in the coming five years, said Redevelopment Director Raymond Fong.

The projects would require some degree of financial assistance totaling about $154 million, Fong said.

The redevelopment agency will reimburse the city for those costs using available tax dollars generated by the agency’s projects, he said.

A number of the projects have developers in carrying them out but are waiting for a better economic climate, Fong said.

Projects include residential, retail and municipal developments such as the construction of a new police headquarters.

The development projects could require financial assistance ranging from $1 million to $40 million, a city staff report said.

However, “if you support the agreement it does not mean you approve funding for the projects,” Fong told council members at the meeting.

Any requests for financial assistance would have to go to the City Council for individual approval, he said.

City Council members also authorized the repayment of loans the city made to the redevelopment agency.

The redevelopment agency will repay the city’s general fund $4.1 million in advances and interest, according to a city staff report.

About $1.8 million consisted of advances the city made to the agency in the early days of the redevelopment agency, Fong said.

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