By Rick Orlov, Staff Writer
Posted: 03/11/2011 09:50:06 PM PST
Updated: 03/11/2011 10:46:26 PM PST

There’s a new message for Democrats and Republicans: Don’t look back. The number of decline-to-state voters is gaining on you.

Secretary of State Debra Bowen reported Friday that those who decline to state a political preference has reached an all-time high of 20.4percent among the state’s 17.1million registered voters.

In the annual Report of Registration of California’s 58 counties, the no-party preference has moved up into third place.

The Democratic Party now accounts for 44 percent of registered voters, with the GOP claiming 30.9percent. Four other organized parties – American Independent, Green, Libertarian and Peace and Freedom – account for 3.9 percent.

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