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InlandPolitics: Extortion victim speaks out on corruption indictment

Saturday, March 5, 2011 – 10:30 a.m.

Aaron Sandusky, President of medical marijuana cooperative G3 Holistics Inc., one of the alleged victims in the Upland bribery and extortion scandal, revealed in a federal indictment this week, appeared in an exclusive on-camera interview on KCBS-TV channel 2 news in Los Angeles Friday night.

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Saturday, March 5, 2011 – 08:15 a.m.

Friday would have been a great party on the business networks if not for the stock market drop and the almost daily spike in crude oil prices.

Why you ask?

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InlandPolitics:Interest continues to climb

Saturday, March 5, 2011 – 08:10 a.m. hit another all-time daily high of 95,230 hits on Thursday.

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By Sandra Emerson Staff Writer
Created: 03/04/2011 05:01:14 PM PST

UPLAND – A reference to the city’s Planning Commission in the indictment of former Mayor John “JP” Pomierski and contractor John Hennes implies that commission votes were dictated by Pomierski.

But the commissioners say otherwise.

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By Andrew Edwards Staff Writer
Created: 03/04/2011 10:16:25 PM PST

Inland Empire retailers let go of thousands of employees following the Christmas shopping season, according to new numbers that show a slight rise in regional unemployment.

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DailyBulletin: San Dimas and Claremont election Tuesday

By Wes Woods II Staff Writer
Created: 03/04/2011 10:15:06 PM PST

San Dimas and Claremont may both take new directions starting Tuesday – Election Day.

The biggest turnover could be on the Claremont City Council, where three seats will be filled.

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Rep. Mary Bono Mack and Sen. Barbara Boxer


10:36 AM, Mar. 4, 2011 |
Written by PAUL C. BARTON
Desert Sun Washington Bureau

As the crow flies, the hometowns of Rep. Mary Bono Mack and Sen. Barbara Boxer — Palm Springs and Rancho Mirage — lie within 10 miles of each other.

But when it comes to challenges facing the federal government, Bono Mack and Boxer might as well hail from different planets.

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DailyBulletin: Budget vote likely next week

By James Rufus Koren Staff Writer
Created: 03/04/2011 10:16:13 PM PST

The state Assembly and Senate will vote next week – probably beginning Wednesday – on a budget plan that makes deep cuts to health, welfare and education programs, eliminates local redevelopment agencies and calls for a special election in June to ask voters for an extension of tax increases.

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The PE: Murrieta measures’ backers prepare for lawsuit

10:00 PM PST on Friday, March 4, 2011

The Press-Enterprise

A leading backer of Murrieta’s three voter-approved ballot measures said he will meet with a lawyer next week to start working on a plan to sue the city over its inability to enact the initiatives.

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Capitol Alert
The latest on California politics and government
March 4, 2011

Gov. Jerry Brown said Friday he has personally talked to Republican legislators who might support his plan to ask voters to approve some $11.2 billion in tax extensions.

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By Tracy Seipel
Posted: 03/04/2011 08:04:36 PM PST
Updated: 03/04/2011 10:17:32 PM PST

After months of lobbying against Gov. Jerry Brown’s controversial move to eliminate redevelopment agencies throughout California, it now seems clear leaders in San Jose and other South Bay cities have lost their fight in Sacramento.

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SacBee: CalPERS probe spreads to pharmaceutical contract

By Dale Kasler
Published: Saturday, Mar. 5, 2011 – 12:00 am | Page 3A

The CalPERS bribery scandal has spread to a pharmaceutical contract.

The pension fund said Friday that it’s cooperating with state and federal investigations into possible “improper conduct” involving the awarding of a multimillion-dollar drug contract to a firm represented by former CalPERS board member Alfred Villalobos.

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California surpasses Hawaii and Alaska, where gas prices are almost always the highest in the country. Motorists can blame increasingly expensive oil and the rigors of making California’s clean-burning gasoline.

By Ronald D. White, Los Angeles Times
March 5, 2011

California has grabbed the top spot in a painful competition for highest gasoline prices in the nation, surpassing Hawaii and Alaska, the states where fuel is almost always more expensive than anywhere else in the U.S.

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