Sunday, February 27, 2011 – 10:40 a.m.

San Bernardino County appears confident in its defense of a lawsuit filed by it’s former chief executive Mark Uffer.

They probably have every right to be.

On February 23, during a trial setting conference, county lawyers requested a time extension to file a Motion for Summary Judgement.

A motion that may likely end the case by causing the dismissal of the whistle-blower retaliation claim.

The last remaining of four original causes of action.

Uffer, who was dismissed by county supervisors in late 2009, filed a lawsuit in superior court on May 26, 2010. The complaint primarily alleged Uffer was terminated in retaliation for his cooperation in a corruption probe targeting the board of supervisors. However, it should be noted that since making his original assertion, Uffer now claims his firing was for cooperating in the investigation of the county Assessor’s office.

Two entirely different issues.

First, county supervisors unanimously sought the ouster of former Assessor Bill Postmus, which would make Uffer’s latest legal angle ridiculous. Secondly, to claim he was fired because he was attempting to dime off his principals, Uffer would have to show he was doing just that, and also prove county supervisors had knowledge of his actions prior to his termination and was the ultimate cause.

A myriad of depositions have been conducted in the case, including those of all five county supervisors.

We’re all still waiting for Uffer’s attorney, Sanford Kassel, to publicly release all the video-taped depos and expose the corruption as he earlier promised.

The motion to potentially dismiss the case is likely to be filed by May 23 and decided approximately three months or so after.