Wednesday, February 23, 2011 – 10:00 p.m.
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Inquiring minds want to know…….

So let’s give a lesson.

Continuing the discussion about how blog statistics are computed and tracked, we here at in a concerted effort to deliver timely and accurate information, without spin, seek to dispel hyperbole as to this website credibility.

Gathering accurate blog statistics requires technical programs and adequate financing.

Financing not derived by way of a “PayPal” account.

“Free” programs such as OneStat “Basic” are just that, “basic”.

They provide only a glimpse of what a blog actually receives in site traffic. Other “Free” monitoring sites such as “” are basically of the same ilk.

In other words, you get what you pay for. Nothing!

I even had a conversation about this very subject with another local blogger about a year ago.

Inquiring minds can only wonder who this may be.

Nevertheless, last month, in an effort to improve accessibility to our blog content, sought out a new website host to provide increased responsiveness and accessibility.

This goal was accomplished when the site was transferred from Yahoo Small Business, who informed that our blog had outgrown their support package which cost roughly $130 per year.

Reference back to the spectre of a “PayPal” account!

Now has a professional host with a “virtual server platform” with built-in analytical programs, designed with the ability to track all aspects of the websites functionality, including all IP addresses that access the blog.

A sophisticated website host can prove valuable in promoting a website, by properly indexing a blog, thus making it readily accessible to search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Having more than one website address or ‘URL” has nothing to do with site traffic.

The single item that does influence blog access is keywords and tags that search engines look for.

For, keywords such as “Inland Empire”, “Inland”, “Politics”, “Campaigns”, “Elections”, and “Government” actually attract hits.

Unlike the “free” applications that capture roughly 4% to 7% of site traffic.

A complex analysis capability is a “must” when seeking out “advertisers” to support any website.


Here is the “Webalizer” statistical program display.


Summary by Month
MonthDaily AvgMonthly Totals
Feb 201156949418608839291055683560078306984521213810046631366779
Jan 20113599321497115412519695067142271259757707107488179967


Here is the bandwith analysis reflecting the data transfer usage of


This function allows you to see the bandwidth usage for your site. It shows the current month’s bandwidth usage, as well as your total bandwidth usage. This will include all HTTP (web) and POP (mail) bandwidth usage, and may include FTP bandwidth usage if your system administrator has enabled FTP bandwidth logging.


Countries (Top 25)
usUnited Statesus91918106373129.57 GB

ruRussian Federationru28793502428.31 MB

nlNetherlandsnl26674185569.36 MB

caCanadaca1917297771006.75 MB

deGermanyde17373894308.45 MB

mdMoldovamd15621567258.26 MB

esSpaines15312712384.36 MB

czCzech Republiccz14441856293.24 MB

uaUkraineua12221920208.94 MB

jpJapanjp8781208189.56 MB

frFrancefr7871734186.00 MB

gbGreat Britaingb5975600233.26 MB

euEuropean countryeu4721792109.14 MB

roRomaniaro4581114100.31 MB

cnChinacn42061193.25 MB

lvLatvialv33044163.78 MB

plPolandpl26592563.85 MB

ilIsraelil20370250.42 MB

brBrazilbr181188680.00 MB

inIndiain1722921119.07 MB

bgBulgariabg15361849.93 MB

phPhilippinesph138245985.39 MB

itItalyit130389195.67 MB

auAustraliaau128209065.11 MB

seSwedense115115255.42 MB

Others210322297982.29 MB
Robots/Spiders visitors (Top 25) >
19 different robots*HitsBandwidthLast visit
Googlebot35062+474.79 GB24 Feb 2011 – 03:40
Unknown robot (identified by ‘bot*’)18875+20993.21 GB24 Feb 2011 – 03:39
Unknown robot (identified by empty user agent string)15102+331.70 GB24 Feb 2011 – 03:38
Yahoo Slurp10484+1321.59 GB24 Feb 2011 – 03:37
Unknown robot (identified by ‘crawl’)7104+9681011.60 MB24 Feb 2011 – 03:39
Unknown robot (identified by ‘spider’)4985+2321.32 GB24 Feb 2011 – 03:39
Unknown robot (identified by ‘robot’)2915+76470.70 MB24 Feb 2011 – 03:05
Unknown robot (identified by ‘*bot’)1860+13257.09 MB24 Feb 2011 – 03:31
MSNBot1346+16219.32 MB24 Feb 2011 – 00:56
Unknown robot (identified by hit on ‘robots.txt’)0+57225.09 KB24 Feb 2011 – 03:30
Unknown robot (identified by ‘discovery’)371+1568.75 MB23 Feb 2011 – 16:06
MSNBot-media145+7721.83 MB23 Feb 2011 – 19:12
Alexa (IA Archiver)114+3323.67 MB23 Feb 2011 – 14:51
Unknown robot (identified by ‘scanner’)39+21.06 MB23 Feb 2011 – 17:31
Voyager162.22 MB20 Feb 2011 – 02:27
Ask5+102.04 MB21 Feb 2011 – 07:02
WebCollage82.01 MB23 Feb 2011 – 22:29
The web archive (IA Archiver)0+5225 Bytes23 Feb 2011 – 15:39


* Robots shown here gave hits or traffic “not viewed” by visitors, so they are not included in other charts. Numbers after + are successful hits on “robots.txt” files.

It’s unfortunate that some would attempt to diminish the important role that any blog such as plays in disseminating valuable information to the governmental, political and business communities.

Sorry to disappoint some……….