Wes Woods II, Staff Writer
Created: 02/19/2011 04:12:30 PM PST

CLAREMONT – Claremont Unified School District board members voted unanimously Thursday night to place a revenue extension measure on the June ballot to stop further school cuts and keep revenues to enable the district to invest in students and schools.

If the extension is not on the ballot, the district could be forced to deal with a $335 per student cut in revenue depending on what Gov. Jerry Brown cuts out of the budget, according to school officials.

CUSD assistant superintendent of business services Lisa Shoemaker said at the meeting the exact student cut is unknown at this time.

“It could be anywhere below ($335) that but it could also be above that,” Shoemaker told the board. “We are an easier target in terms of cuts than many other proposed cuts. That’s why we’ve taken a disproportionate share thus far. You’ll notice we didn’t notice our state parks, we didn’t sell off our state assets There have been analysis that have said up to $600 to $800 per students would be possible. We really don’t have a good sense of it right now.”

Shoemaker said because of the uncertainty the district is using a $350 per student for the district’s second interim budget.

The budget is due mid-March and will be presented at the board’s March 17 meeting, Shoemaker said.

As of 2010, according to a district agenda report, the state has dropped $2,580 per student below the national average per student expenditure.

If the governor’s tax extension plan passes, the district will be $1,270 per student below California’s statutory funding level, according to the report.

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