By PE Politics
on February 18, 2011 1:25 PM

Riverside County Supervisor John Tavaglione said this week that a compromise could be reached with Gov. Jerry Brown over redevelopment.

Brown has proposed eliminating the program, a move that has sparked outrage among local officials, particularly those in California’s cities.

“Perhaps there is a way to keep it but fine tune it a bit and tighten up the rules,” Tavaglione said at this week’s Board of Supervisors meeting.

“There could be a compromise. Cities, unfortunately, are not taking that position. I think that’s where it is hurting us,” said Tavaglione, who also serves as president of the California State Association of Counties. “They think that they are going to be able to fight it in court and prevail. I think it is too risky to take that approach.”

Tavaglione said he has spoken with Riverside City Manager Brad Hudson about the need to compromise and urged his colleagues on the board to talk to city officials in their districts.

“I talked to Brad over at city of Riverside and he agrees we ought to have some level of compromise,” Tavaglione said. “If we can talk to some of our cities and get to a more reasonable approach, we might be able to save it.”

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