Andrew Edwards, Staff Writer
Created: 02/16/2011 06:40:12 PM PST

SAN BERNARDINO – Arrowhead Credit Union will soon have a new interim leader, but the government-appointed management team is still in charge of the Inland Empire institution.

The credit union’s new interim CEO-designate is Steve Becker, currently the institution’s chief operating officer and the former CEO of an Arizona credit union.

Becker succeeds Kay Woods, who took the helm at Arrowhead after the National Credit Union Administration took control of the credit union in June 2010.

Arrowhead Credit Union announced the leadership change Wednesday. Becker is scheduled to take over from Woods in late March, but the credit union did not announce a time when the institution is expected to emerge from NCUA conservatorship.

“That is still the ultimate goal, once we reach an adequately capitalized position,” Arrowhead Credit Union spokeswoman Elsa Montes said.

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