11:29 PM PST on Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Press-Enterprise

Special Section: San Jacinto Corruption Probe

Three of the new San Jacinto City Council members were among the top spenders in the November election, but the fourth won his seat with a low-budget campaign.

The final campaign spending reports for the November recall election and regular City Council election were due Monday. The reports showed that the biggest spender through the election cycle was not any of the 16 council candidates, but the group that got the recall question on the ballot.

Candidate Wes Ingle reported receiving $7,099 in contributions, include $515 in loans that have been repaid, and spending $9,451.49 on his unsuccessful council campaign, the most of any candidate.

Councilman Mark Bartel spent the next highest amount, $7,362.31, followed by Mayor Scott Miller with $7,025.22 and Vice Mayor Andrew Kotyuk with $6,069.35, according to the campaign disclosure statements.

All three reported surpluses in their campaign accounts. Miller received the most in contributions, $12,574.

In the last reporting period — which covered Oct. 15 to Dec. 31 — Miller reported receiving $4,760 in combined contributions from San Jacinto Valley physicians and medical groups. Kotyuk also received more contributions from the medical community.

Councilman Alonso Ledezma filed paperwork early in the campaign that indicated he would raise or spend less than $1,000, one of eight candidates to do so. Ledezma beat the next-closest finisher, city Treasurer Bernie Simon, by 99 votes.

Simon received $7,066.32 in contributions, including $1,475.75 of his own money, and spent $6,834.82 on his campaign. Included in the contributions is $5,440.57 spent on campaign literature by the Service Employees International Union Local 721 political action committee. The union represents city employees.

The same political action committee spent $4,201 for mailers supporting candidate James D. Pangrazzi.

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