January 12, 2011 – 04:50 p.m.

SAN BERNARDINO, CA – In various published reports in today’s papers, Supervisor Josie Gonzales chose to engage in personal attacks and smears to deflect from the factual observations Supervisor Neil Derry made at yesterday’s board meeting when he announced the reasoning behind his opposition to her being elected chairperson.

The following points briefly summarize his vote to oppose Supervisor Gonzales’ nomination:

· She staunchly opposed his efforts to create an ethics commission, calling it “baby-sitting in disguise” and saying we “need it like a hole in the head”

· She admitted to fighting the passage of his Sunshine Ordinance at a previous board meeting where she stated “she didn’t like it – she didn’t want it.”

· She opposed his attempts to rollback lavish health and retirement benefits to elected officials and judges

· She was identified by eyewitnesses working for the county that stated she was provided free medical services at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center

“Publicly stating the reasoning behind my actions is not political grandstanding or an attempt to seek out attention. It is being accountable to the voters who deserve to know why their elected officials vote the way they do,” Supervisor Derry stated.

Supervisor Gonzales also stated that Supervisor Derry should have addressed these concerns a long time ago and suggested that he was “manufacturing” allegations that were “politically motivated.” She went on to question the ethics and integrity of Supervisor Derry by insinuating that his comments were in violation of directions given by the U.S. District Attorney.

Supervisor Derry’s discussion of the issue had no connection to a federal subpoena, but was instead based on independently gathered information.

The truth of the matter is that San Bernardino County has a history of corruption and a history of elected officials burying controversy and scandal. Throughout his first two years in office, Supervisor Derry has repeatedly shown his willingness to flesh out scandal and hold officials accountable which has emboldened county employees to come forward to reveal unethical conduct.

“I went to federal authorities months ago to report this information. It resulted in a raid on ARMC and our Chief Executive Officer discontinuing the practice of waiving copayments for services rendered,” Supervisor Derry said. “Her personal attacks are disingenuous at best and call into question her true motivations.”