Reader Submission
Tuesday, January 11, 2011 – 08:50 a.m.

Janice Rutherford was endorsed by the California Republican Assembly in her race against fellow GOPer Paul Biane in the 2010 campaign for county supervisor second district.

The CRA – the voice and conscious of Republican grassroots activists – went rogue and supported a candidate who was not backed by the county Republican infrastructure.

Prominent Republicans like Senator Bob Dutton, Assemblyman Bill Emmerson, the entire Rancho Cucamonga city council and Young Republican groups all backed Paul Biane.

But not the CRA. We went with principle over politics – Especially politics as usual.

The thought that Janice Rutherford could even consider supporting a Joe Baca-backed Democrat like Josie Gonzales for board chair is troublesome. Josie is a Democrat through-and-through.

Gonzales has likened conservative Republicans like Janice Rutherford herself as being “extremists” and Josie’s professional image-makers are associated with the far left of California’s Democratic Party mafia.

We (hopefully) know that Janice Rutherford will do the correct thing and support two common sense Republicans for leadership posts in county government.

We expect nothing less from a CRA-backed conservative like Janice Rutherford.

Especially if her expected 2014 opponent is Rancho Cucamonga’s Bob Dutton.

Dutton – who is about to skyrocket as a Republican folk hero standing firm against Governor Moonbeam’s tax hikes – attains even greater visibility could draw a contrast. He stood against a Democrat politician while Janice Rutherford may have enabled one.

Janice Rutherford needs to stay loyal to her conservative Republican roots.

Rejecting Joe Baca’s candidate for heading county government is a simple decision, but it will take courage and hard work.

Let’s start now.

We know Janice Rutherford will be the leader we need right now.