Sandra Emerson, Staff Writer
Created: 01/06/2011 05:13:06 PM PST

UPLAND – Upland Mayor John Pomierski has his sights on the newest councilman for comments he made regarding the city attorney’s performance.

Pomierski’s attorney, Robert Schauer, issued a statement on Pomierski’s behalf expressing concern over the comment Councilman Gino Filippi made in a article published Thursday.

In the article, Filippi said he is satisfied with City Attorney Bill Curley and his law firm.

The City Council recently held two closed session meetings to discuss Curley’s contract. No action was taken during either meeting.

“I assume they’re trying to put me in my place,” Filippi said.


Pomierski was displeased with the comment because Curley’s contract and employment are under review and have been discussed solely in closed session.

“For a councilman such as Gino to make a comment that the city attorney is doing a good job or if he has done a bad job, in this case he said a good job, and all that is, if not in violation of the Brown Act, is certainly right on the line,” Schauer said.

The comments are detrimental to the council as it tries to deal with a personnel matter within its closed sessions, he said.

Pomierski “would hope that Gino would not make such kind of a public comment anymore about matters under review in the closed session,” Schauer said.

Curley said in an e-mail that he does not think there has been a violation of the non-disclosure prohibitions of the law.

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