Wednesday, January 5, 2011 – 03:20 p.m.

San Bernardino, a city that has been cursed with shit-ass decisions for decades is about to make another one.

Once again for the third time in less than twenty years the theater from hell is about to strike again.

This time, Emil Marzullo, the city’s Economic Development Agency director, is recommending the city approve a five-year agreement with Regal Cinemas to operate the decrepit former Cinema Star theater located downtown.

There are options to renew attached. But at Regal’s discretion.

Regal’s big investment?

Get this! They’ll install new projectors. Wow!

The city’s taxpayers on the other hand will agree to invest another cool $6 million into the location.

Bringing the total debt on the place to $12 million.

The kicker here? If Regal doesn’t like how the location performs they can bail out after only the first five years, leaving the city with millions more in debt plus an empty building.

Regal is competing with a bid from a lesser-known partnership out of Northern California.

The Northern California investor will agree to repay the $6 million the city already owes and flip the bill to fully renovate the place.

This would put the city out of the theater business once and for all.

A ten year old could figure out which deal to take here. Even local business owners are becoming increasingly pissed-off at the entire situation, and rightfully so.

The city apparently is in love with the Regal name. Nothing else matters.

Not even looking out for the best interests of the taxpayers.

And people wonder why San Bernardino is so screwed up.

City leaders ought to re-think the situation.