Wednesday, January 5, 2011 – 08:00 a.m.

Talking about someone hanging on.

A review of San Bernardino County retirement rolls for December and January seem to be missing a name.

Ruth Stringer, the now former county counsel, is missing from the list.

Meaning Stringer is still on active payroll.

Yes, it’s true. Stringer is apparently burning through hundreds of her thousands of various accrued leave hours.

For someone who was nearly discharged more than a year ago, but somehow managed to cajole county leaders into letting here stay, Stringer seems to be extracting every dime that she can from county taxpayers.

I’m sure no one wants Stringer to have to pay taxes on that big lump sum.

So why not let her burn the time. And as she does just this, she is likely accruing more leave time and retirement credit in the process.

After all, pushing that $272,000 pension a little higher is always a good thing. Right?

But at least she’s gone from the county’s decision-making process.